Tempestus Scions- Lambdan Lions Warhammer 40000 army commission -
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Tempestus Scions- Lambdan Lions Warhammer 40000 army commission

About This Project

The Lambdan Lion, Warhammer 40000 army commission project is complete! I wanted to share all of the final pictures in one place. A complex project with several different color palettes, freehand, resin kits and detailed infantry, but overall I couldn’t be happier with how they came out.

This is a winter-themed army, with snow patches on the bases and subtle detailing such as Icicles on some of the miniatures. The Gaunts Ghost camo cloaks were painted to reflect this with their cold blue coloring.

The vultures were painted to represent the 13th Reaper Squadron and have been detailed with Reaper Scythe nose art and other freehand, this is an optional service that I provide and I am very happy with how it came out here.

The army features several iconic characters from the Warhammer 40000 universe, including Gaunts Ghosts, all of the assassins, Severina Raine and more! There are 45 elite scions infantry, two air support Reaper Squadron Vultures, transports, and a variety of different special weapons to enable the force to combat any foe!

I really loved working on this project and would love to expand on it one day.

If you have a Warhammer 40000 army commission in mind, get in touch now for a quote

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