Painting levels - Legion Painting Studio
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Painting levels

TabletopPrices start from £12 per model and this level is reserved for large groups of simple models, i.e Gretchin, Skeletons.


Tabletop level is reserved for those large batches of simple models. At this level, all details will be picked out with a smooth base coat, shade, and highlight. Simpler techniques are used to achieve a result that is efficient and looks effective on the gaming table.

High tabletop- Prices start from £24 per model, £70 for Character models.

High tabletop is our baseline standard for most models. This is an above tabletop, premium level, which looks fantastic on display or on the battlefield. All of the areas will receive a smooth base coat, shade, and highlight including smooth edge highlighting. Focal areas such as faces, shields, and lenses receive extra attention, these are the areas of the model that will stand out to the eye.

Display- Prices start from £40 per model, £120 for Character models

We use the foundation of high tabletop for this level but turn everything up to 11. This standard allows us the time to include glazes, freehand and advanced layering in order to give you a standard worthy of pride of place in your army.
We recommend this level for character models or large centerpiece miniatures, though you can use this standard for a full army if you are after something particularly jaw-dropping.



You can also check out our social media channels for many more examples of the work we can produce. Check out our Facebook page. give you an amazing finish.