About - Legion Painting Studio UK miniature painting studio
All about the miniature painting service we provide here from our UK studio. Based in the UK, our mission is to bring you a professional and reliable miniature painting service. We have a love for the industry and we hope our passion shows through in the products we deliver.
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Our Miniature Painting Studio

Here you will find a breakdown of the services we offer.


Based in the UK, my mission is to bring you a professional and reliable miniature painting studio. I have a love for the industry and hope my passion shows through in the products I deliver. Thank you for checking out my website!


If you choose to have us build and prepare your models, you can expect all mould lines and sprue marks to be removed and cleaned, gaps filled and miniatures dynamically posed. This is the only standard we accept to give you the best surface possible for painting.

We also offer magnetisation and conversion to give you not only the best value for your money but the most striking army on the battlefield!

You can also send models to us already assembled. If you do so we ask that you follow our building standards which we will lay out after the quote. We are happy to finish any cleaning necessary but this will incur an additional charge.


We currently offer three levels of paint. Tabletop, high tabletop and display. All of our levels look striking on the battlefield and whether you’re looking for us to complete a horde army of Orks or a display force of elite heroes, we have the right level for you!

Feel free to check out examples of our different levels over in our Gallery.

The vast majority of our paintwork is completed using hand brushes, while this does take more time we feel it gives our clients the cleanest and most professional finish available. Airbrushing and zenithal lighting are available on request.


All of our bases at the basic level are textured with sand, painted and highlighted with multiple layers, and finished with clean rims and flock tufts.

We can offer bespoke custom basing at additional cost, if you’re looking for a war-torn battlefield or a daemonic lava world we have the materials and experience to make it happen.


We have a bespoke freehand service for those unit banners or areas on models that you really want to pop. Our display standard often includes elements of freehand where necessary but perhaps you’re looking for a striking image for a battle standard or even custom designs on a titan’s armor panels.
Simply tell us in your quote form what you are looking for and we will work with you on a fantastic design. You can find tons of examples of our freehand over in our Portfolio.

For even more check out our Facebook page and our Instagram account.