Miniature painting service contact Contact - Legion Painting Studio
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Miniature painting service contact form.

Here you’ll find our Miniature painting service contact form. Please complete the form below and use the example format on this page to complete the message section. Also, include whether we are supplying the models for you or if you will have them sent over to us. We look forward to hearing from you!


If you would like to see some more of our work before contacting us then feel free to check out our Facebook page or have a scroll through our Instagram account. You can also look through our Portfolio where we have examples of the different painting levels that we offer.


The minimum sized order for the various levels are as follows:

Tabletop- 30x 28mm miniatures or larger.
High tabletop- 10x 28mm miniatures or larger.
Display- 1x 28mm miniature or larger.

Please note I am currently fully booked until Q1 2022 for large projects, I may be able to accommodate smaller commissions. Feel free to get a quote anytime, however!


    Here is the example layout to use in our contact form.

    10x Chaos space marines, high tabletop painting, model assembly and cleaning.

    1x Abaddon the despoiler, display painting, model assembly and cleaning.

    5x Chaos space marine havocs, high tabletop painting, model assembly and cleaning.

    Manchester, England.